Bespoke beverage powders crafted by our hands, to make it easier for yours.


  1. What is a beverage powder?

Art of Blend beverage powders are a dry powder range of products, that when mixed with water or milk create a gourmet beverage with the look, feel and taste of a premium beverage.


  1. How do I prepare the Art of Blend?

The Art of Blend range is extremely versatile in the ways in which it is prepared being hot, blended, as a slushie or over ice.

For Cold Beverages 80g of beverage powder is needed  which is 2 Art of Blend Scoops or 5  tablespoons


For Hot Beverages 40g of beverage powder is needed which is 1 x Art of Blend Scoop of 2.5 tablespoons. 




Please refer to the mixing instructions of each specific product.


  1. Do you have a non Dairy option?

Yes we do, our Plant Based Frappe Blend and our Indulgent Drinking Chocolate do not contain milk products, however they are both made in plant that does.

  1. Can I pre-make the beverage and store it?

You can use a granita/slush machine to keep The Art of Blend beverages.


  1. Do you have a protein based beverage powder?

Unfortunately we do not offer a protein beverage powder, however you may find a recipe with protein in the Recipe link


  1. Do I need to add milk during the preparation? and water to every base?

No. You do not need to add milk to the product. It varies from product to product on which liquid you add.


Please refer to the mixing instructions of specific products.


  1. How long can I store product?

For the best results keep product that has been opened in an Air Tight container.


  1. Do the bases have an expiry date?

The Art of Blend range has a 12 to 18 month shelf life. Please check each product for variations.


  1. How to I flavour the plain bases?

Flavouring the plain bases is the easiest way to add more creativity to your selection. You can use toppings syrups, flavourings, fruits, nuts and much more.

  1. Can I buy product for personal use?

Yes you can. The Art of Blend is a premium beverage range developed for any food lover. You may be able to buy from one of our stockists or shop online direct at


  1. I am a business can I buy directly from The Art of Blend?

If you are looking for customer packaging and blends and have larger minimum orders we may be able to help. If you are wanting smaller quantities please contact one of our distributors. 


  1. Is there a minimum order for products?

There is no minimum order quantity. The Art of Blend comes in a 4Kg carton (4 x 1kg pillow packs). Many of our distributors also sell the pillow packs individually.


  1. Can I come and taste the product before I buy it?

Definitely, it would be a pleasure to showcase you our range. Please contact us for a demonstration session with one of our distributors.


  1. What are the Sales & Marketing claims on the product?

The Art of Blend range offers a range of marketing claims ‚Äď no artificial colours or sweeteners, most are gluten free, no trans-fat, no preservatives, probiotics, manufactured in Australia and premium blend. Not all blends have the same claims so you are best to check the individual products.


  1. Are these Products Halal certified?

Yes, The Art of Blend products are all Halal certified


  1. Do you provide marketing materials?

The Art of Blend range has a variety of posters and to support your sales. Please contact your distributor to find out more or register to access our Customer Resource Centre where you can download lot’s of material.¬†


  1. Do you provide different recipes for the products?

Yes. You can find a range of recipes and serving suggestions on the product pages or download a copy of our Recipe Book here.


  1. Can I have the range with my own brand on the packaging?

Yes, the products are available with your own brand packaging, however minimum order quantities of 300 + cartons apply.

  1. What equipment do I need?

The Art of Blend is very diverse in ways of preparation. You can prepare the beverages in a blender, granita machine or straight in a cup.

We sell blenders and slush machines on our ECommerce site –